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Comprehensive, Cost Effective Professional Finance and Accounting Services

Callaway Partners is unique in many ways. The firm has successfully taken elements of three well-established and distinct service delivery models (consulting, accounting and professional-level resource staffing) and integrated them into a powerful, flexible, client-centric service delivery orientation.

Callaway Partners' broad scope of services includes solutions that are custom designed to meet each client's interim and ongoing needs. Our comprehensive solutions are delivered through a build-to-suit blend of thought leadership, project management and staff augmentation.

When presented with a project or ongoing support opportunity, our firm's leadership understands the dynamics of the engagement and offers our clients a custom blend of proven project consultants from our national staff, or project professionals whose skills and personal situation are expertly matched to the project.

Teams, whether 3 or 300 strong, have been rapidly established and deployed throughout the nation and internationally. Innovative approaches to consultant qualification vetting and matching, on-boarding and phasing as well as custom training strategies are all part of Callaway's uniqueness and core competency.