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SOLUTIONS: Finance and Accounting Solutions

Today’s complex business environment presents challenges at every turn. Callaway Partners’ is uniquely positioned to provide solutions not offered by national public accounting firms or staffing firms. Roll over the solutions to the left for an overview of our delivery models, or click on the appropriate link for additional information.

High Profile Engagements where Big 4 firm association is required to offer credibility. Positioned for audit opinions, independence issues/limitations.
  • Experienced Professional Staff Augmentation
  • Project Oversight, Deliverables, Outcomes
  • Sole Source Scenario or Teaming with Tier 1 and Tier 2 Firms
  • SWAT Teams, Rapid Deployment
  • Flexible Solutions, Built to Suit
  • Attractive Service Pricing
  • Tier 1 - Trained and Experienced Talent
Permanent job seekers who seek to build resume and earnings while unemployed.  Analyst and Staff Level Staff Augmentation, Multiple vendors servicing each account, industry consolidation.